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Manufacturer Technical Specifications
Country Of Origin Germany
Year Of Introduction N.A
Base Price When New $69,970
Miles Per Gallon 13/21 mpg
Body Type N.A
Curb Weight 3957 lbs
Powertrain Layout Front-Engine/RWD
Transmission 6-Speed Manual
Configuration V8
Displacement 4941 cc
Power 394 bhp @ 6600 rpm
Torque 369 lb-ft @ 3800 rpm
BHP / Liter N.A
BHP / Weight N.A
Redline 7000 rpm
Top Speed 155 mph (limited)
0 - 62 mph 4.9 sec
0 - 100 mph 11.3 sec
0 - Ecˢ碮u mile 13.3 sec @ 108 mph
Skidpad .90gA
Braking, 62-0 mph 129 ft
Slalom Speed 64.7 mph
Wallpaper Gallery: 1600x1200
bmw_e39_m5-1.jpg (89068 bytes)bmw_e39_m5-2.jpg (106863 bytes)bmw_e39_m5-3.jpg (103709 bytes)bmw_e39_m5-4.jpg (92599 bytes)
bmw_e39_m5-5.jpg (94517 bytes)bmw_e39_m5-6.jpg (101682 bytes)bmw_e39_m5-7.jpg (134006 bytes)bmw_e39_m5-8.jpg (101778 bytes)
bmw_e39_m5-9.jpg (613653 bytes)bmw_e39_m5-10.jpg (614325 bytes)bmw_e39_m5-11.jpg (612297 bytes)bmw_e39_m5-12.jpg (593365 bytes)
bmw_e39_m5-13.jpg (613907 bytes)bmw_e39_m5-14.jpg (572230 bytes)bmw_e39_m5-15.jpg (550893 bytes)
Manufacturer Press Release
M's starting point for the new M5 was the 540i 6-Speed sedan. The 540i is powered by an already brilliant V8 engine, the M62 4.4-liter DOHC 32 valve unit developing 282 horsepower. But M's engineers have a tradition to uphold: elevating BMW engines to even greater levels of technological innovation.

To this end, M developed a new version of the V8 engine, endowing it with exciting new technologies. Called the S62, this engine is the new masterpiece of M Power. The M5 engine takes M Power to a new level. Its key features reflect the care with which BMW M develops an already powerful BMW engine into a full-on sports powerplant. The M5 engine develops 394 horsepower and 369 pounds-feet of torque at 3,800 rpm.

Special induction system with individual throttles

Breathing is of course a top priority; BMW M spared no expense in developing the S62's induction system. Air is taken in at two points behind the front bumper, passes through two intake silencers and two hot-film air-mass meters, and then flows into the voluminous carbon-fiber plenum atop the engine. From there, air courses through 230-mm intake runners (including the throttle housings) to the individual cylinders. The entire assembly of plenum and runners is attached to the throttle housings via a rubber/metal flange (one per bank) that acoustically and thermally decouples the plenum from the engine itself.

Double VANOS steplessly variable valve timing

The S62 is BMW's first V-8 engine equipped with Double VANOS , a system that steplessly varies the timing of both intake and exhaust valves on both cylinder banks. (Current BMW 2.5- and 2.8-liter 6-cylinder engines also have the Double system; current "regular" V-8s have a Single VANOS system that steplessly varies intake-valve timing.)

The Chassis

In its basic structure and suspension systems, the M5 is based solidly on the 540i 6-Speed. This means an immensely strong, rigid body structure; aluminum suspension with double-pivot struts front and multi-link rear; and ventilated disc brakes all around. The aluminum suspension system reduces unsprung weight significantly, and is a key element in the BMW 5 Series' masterful, universally acclaimed combination of handling prowess and riding comfort.
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